AMR Remote Water MeterReading Systems

AMR Remote Meter Reading System Technology enables users obtain meter readings without need for visiting and manually reading water meters. Technology also enables the users cut-off the consumers water remotely if necessary.

Water Meter with Auto Meter Reading Advantages | AMR

  • Promotes water conservation & remote secure Data acquisition
  • No Manual meter reading Only Meter data communicated by Radio frequency
  • No need to access the meter box during routine drive by, except in unique situation
  • Lower O&M (labor and disputes)
  • 1-hr Consumption history can be extracted to respond to disputes
  • Can detect customer leaks and help identify water theft
  • Streamline high bill investigation
  • It is much easier and faster to read water meters.As the reading costs fall, the benefits start rising.
  • The benefits of the system include reduced labour costs, easier collection of water meter bills, effective management of consumer’s records such as payments, debts, invoices and valve states.
  • The system has no limitation of the quantity of meters to be installed in the AMR network.
  • The officers have the chance of acting faster in case of a damage or illegal consumption detected in the water supply infrastructure. The revenue increases as the management ability rises.
  • Complete digital system avoids reading errors.
  • Water consumption can be observed and managed reliably.
  • Remote Meter Reading System users may receive the consumption state of any consumer instantly.


Each user has a login defined by username and password, specifically configuring the system according to authorization level. Users manage the whole system as well as meter states, statistics. Several rich content reports and analysis graphics are provided by the system.

1.Mobile AMR Remote Meter Reading System

Description of Mobile Reading System

Basically the system has two types of reading method. Reading the meters via a handheld computer (PDA) with a staff or a computer based system in a vehicle. These mobile remote reading devices collect meter readings and save them to local memory. In the municipal waterworks center the readings are trasferred to main system from the handheld computer. Right after the successful transmission process the billing procedure starts. As a summary, the system consists of three main parts: Water meter, Mobile Reading Device and the System Software.

Benefits of Mobile Reading System

The system includes no complex wiring, internet access or collector devices. This property enables the system to be configured and applied immediately. The AMR Mobile System utilizes only RF (Radio Frequency) communication. No other frequency carrier is needed, so the system is cost-effective when compared to other AMR solutions.

A).Meters via a handheld computer (PDA) with a staff –Walk By

B) Reading the meters via a handheld computer (PDA) with a computer based system in a vehicle- Drive by

Operating Structure Of Mobile Reading System

  • Receiving the meter readings
  • Transmitting readings to central system
  • Customer access via internet connection
  • Remote control of valves according to latest payment/debt states
  • Billing the consumption

2.Fixed AMR Remote Meter Reading System- Fixed Wireless solution

Description of Fixed Network System

System includes AMR Meters, Collectors (RF and GPRS) and Central Service System via Internet. Fixed Network System remotely collects meter data by using RF (Radio Frequency) and send them to Central Computer System via GPRS.

Benefits of Fixed Network System

The Fixed Network System provides easy to use, quicker and low-cost reading ability. The system may be managed everywhere that has internet connection. Water meter states may be observed everywhere regardless of current location.

Another benefit of the system the improved customer service. Customers can manage their own consumption records such as invoice, debts, payment etc. from internet with their passwords.
AMR Remote Meter Reading System works on RF and GPRS technologies and does not use any complex wiring. System is cost competitive when compared to other AMR technologies.

Prepaid Water Meter Systems

The system is based on the principle that the water consumptions are calculated, and consumers are charged accordingly in advance. Consumers spend the amount of water loaded from credit sales offices by loading the credit to water meters via smart cards.The water meter cuts off the water by closing its valve when the credit ends, but when the consumer re-loads the spare credit in smart card to the water meter, the valve will re-open. Spare credits function allow consumers to use water until they re-load the smart card.

The counter of the water meter may be observed both from mechanical and electronic displays. Electronic display shows information about loaded credit, total credit, total water consumption, credit unit prize, the interference state and the battery level.

Subscribers are able to load extra credits from credit loading points, so called (Kiosks) outside working hours.

Usage of Smart Cards also enables the credit sales control points to be aware of water meters battery level, interference states, period, degrees and tariffs. The new tariffs and period information in the smart card are regularly updated on every credit load operation. Having loaded the updated information to the smart card, the water meter easily reads the carried information, and updates itself.

In case of interference, water meter closes the valve and cuts off water consumption. The officers of local administrations resets the function of water meter by using authorized cards, otherwise water meter will remain in its passive state even if it has loaded credits. Each water meter has its own smartcard which may only be operated on assigned meter.