Why use Peer Review on a technology project? Good results require good designs.

The concept of Cost of Product Quality is applicable to technology designs and implementations. Poor quality designs and specifications yield problem-ridden implementations. Add to that the hard costs of correcting design problems during or after construction, or compromises in your operations due to the implementation of technology designs that don’t properly support your business process requirements.
In the final analysis, the overall success of a technology project is measured by its operability.
Our experienced consultants, experts in their specialties, understand the complexity of today’s technology asset integration, deployment, and operations. With the ever-accelerated pace of change, it’s no surprise that so many technology based projects are less than successful when they lack a competent representative to manage the complexities. ASTS represents your interests and ensures the successful outcome of your technology related expenditures.


Your needs are communicated to the design team The most current and appropriate system components are specified
Owner-specific guidelines are followed Misaligned expectations during designs are clarified
Owner-specific standards are met Areas of concern are proactively identified
Deficiencies are addressed and correctedmet Change orders during construction are minimized