ASTS is Authorized dealer for PIPECO GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sectional water tanks .PIPECO was formed in 1984 as an engineering hardware company and ventured into sectional panel water tank business in 1989. To date, we have 20 years experience manufacturing water tanks. PIPECO has provided water storage solutions to many companies in world, supplying both pressed steel and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sectional water tanks. PIPECO is a global company, which already has partnerships in various countries, including: Malaysia, Singapore, South East Asia, Middle East countries such as U.A.E, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and European countries such as France, Belgium and Australia.

Advantages of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sectional water tanksAdvantages of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sectional water tanks

Its Non-Corrosive

Modular/ Sectional So you can construct any size, in any dimension as per capacity

3.Time lighter than conventional material

Very quick to install and Erect. With 3 to 5 days

You can dismantle and install again ,if required

No contamination

No water discoloration

U V resistant

Made of Glass reinforced plastic

Better thermal insulation

Meet Singapore standard SS245:1995 and British Standard BS7491

10 years company warranty for workmanship and Materials

Certified by WORLD most reputed WRAS-UK and Singapore for water storage

Ready stock

GRP panel water tanks are 100% hygienic inside and outside which does not affect any foreign materials.

NO ALGAE or Bacteria Growth GRP panels are 100% opaque and do not permit any light transmission and thereby absolutely no growth of algae or bacteria.

Capacities from 1000 litres to 10 lakh litres and above within a very short lead time. A typical 1,00,000 litres capacity tank can be constructed within a weeks time harder

UV stabilized - Ideal tank for outdoor weathering.

100% leakage proof GRP tank ensures 100% leakage proof by using the special sealant on each face of the panel.

No Maintenance tis designed to allow easy cleaning and absolutely no maintenance is required

Lesser Self weight - hence ideal for constructing especially above the roof of the buildings.


Housing Colonies / Building For storing potable drinking water above the roof, over-head, ground level, basement and as well as in special cases as sump.

Fire-fighting tanks - The most ideal to be located in major buildings and plants.

Water treatment plants RO Plants / DM Plants for storing both raw water and as well as product water such as DM Water, clarified DM Water, Pure Water etc.

Highly chlorinated water / sea water for desalination plants.

Sewage treatment tanks for sewage treatment plants.

Make-up / PUF insulated chilled water tanks for A/c and refrigeration plants.

Rainwater harvesting storage reservoirs.


General specifications


Singapore Standard SS245: 1995 Similar to British Standard BS 7491 Part 3:1994 and BS EN 13280:2001

Materials :

Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) consists of:

Resin- Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin conforming to BS 3532 specification

Fiber Glass- Low alkali fibre glass conforming to JIS R3411 to R3417 or BS 33396, BS 3496 and BS 3749 specifications

Manufacturing Process :

Hot pressed SMC compression moulding

Tank Structural Support :

Tie-rod System:

Standard Type : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

Standard Type : SS 304 Tie-Rod , Optional SS316
Roof Support : PVC/ABS pipes with GRP roof panel stiffener

Sealant :

Non toxic PVC foam/EPDM Rubber

Bolt, Nuts, Washers :

– Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
– Optional : SS 304/316

– Standard : SS 304 (In-contact with water)
– Optional : SS 316 (In-contact with water)

Roof :
-Standard: Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
-Optional: SS 304/316

External Braced System :

Hot Dipped Galvanished Steel

Internal :
None (metal free inside, non-partitioned tank only)
Roof Support: PVC Poles with GRP roof panel stiffener

Ladder :

– Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

– Standard : PVC or Aluminium
– Optional GRP or SS304/316

Water Level Indicator :

Standard : Reversed Reading Mechanical Ball Float Type (Cat & Mouse)
Optional : Direct Reading Clear Tube Type

Nozzel Panel :

Pipe nozzels not inclusive
Flat panels will be provided on request