Organising everything in your bathroom

Tired of kicking over the shampoo in the shower or never finding your towel when you step out of it? With bathroom accessories like shower shelves, towel rails and toothbrush holders you can get everything under control. We even have boxes and baskets to sort out your small stuff, plus all those essentials like bathroom scales and toilet brushes.

Little things no bathroom should be without

As with many of the rooms in your home, it’s the accessories that make the most difference, and the bathroom should be no different. So why not brighten up your bathroom with our range of stylish bathroom accessories? From toilet seats and toilet brushes to magazine holders, plus all those other essentials like bathroom scales and towel rails. We have a wide range of bathroom accessories to suit your needs and help you go about your day.

Hanging with colours

We have a huge range of solutions, with our towel holders rails and towel holders, to dry your towels no matter how big or small your space is. Combine storage and seating with our RÅGRUND towel rack chair. Or for small spaces, take a look at our LOSJÖN hanger. It doesn’t just bring colours into your bathroom, it can also be placed at children’s height. Just fasten the knobs by using the self-adhesive backing or screw them into the wall.

Wall space means more space

Bathrooms aren’t the most spacious place in any home so utilising the wall space to maximise your storage need can be easily achieved using a wall shelf.